List Of Popular 13×4 Lace Front Wigs

ALLOVEHAIR’s motto is to provide premium quality 13×4 Lace Front Wig with minimal chemical processing to all. It strives to impel individuals to feel more confident and express themselves vividly by making beauty more accessible and affordable. The list here includes ALLOVE’s bestsellers and most popular Wigs made with human hair for a multitude of styles and occasions.

1. Curly Hair Wig With Transparent Lace

This Deep Wave textured Hair wig is manufactured with 10 A Grade Brazilian Human Hair and a 13*4 transparent Swiss Lace. Color of the hair is Natural Black with 150% hair volume. Available length of hair is 10 inches to 30 inches. The circumference is 22.5”.

2. Extra Silky Straight Hair Wig

This wig is crafted with 10 A Grade virgin Brazilian Human Hair. Shade of the hair is Natural Balck and that of the Lace Net is a Medium Brown. Wig comes in a smooth Straight texture and a volume of 150% to 180%. Length of the hair is 10 inches to 26 inches.

3. Wavy Human Hair Wig

Made with 10 A Grade Remy Human Hair, the wig comes in a soft Body Wave texture and Natural Black shade. The color of the lace net is a Medium Brown. Length of hair is 10 inches to 26 inches with 150% to 180%  density and wig cap circumference of 22.5 inches.

4. Hair Wig With Heavy/Deep Curls

The wig comes in a Water Wave texture and a Natural Black color. 10 A Grade unprocessed Remy Human hair and transparent swiss lace net are used for the wig. Volume of the wig is 150% and the Hair Lengths available are 10 inches to 30 inches.

5. Brazilian Hair With HD Lace

100% Natural 10 A Grade Brazilian Human Hair goes into the making of this wig. The hair has a Straight texture and a deep Black color. Hair length offered is 16 inches to 40 inches, while the density stands at 150% to 180%.

6. Wig With Crimp Curls

This wig is made with 10 A Grade Remy Human Hair. The hair features a Natural Black shade with Crimps Curls Loose Deep Wave texture. The Hair Lengths in stock range from 16 inches to 28 inches. Volume of the hair in the wig is about 150% to 180%. Transparent Swiss Lace is used for the Lace Net.

7. Straight Blonde Hair Wig

This wig made of 100% natural human hair comes in a 613# Blonde shade. Texture of the hair is Straight with pre-plucked baby hair and a natural hairline. It is a high-definition wig with the density amounting to 150% to 180%, and the available hair lengths are 10 inches to 30 inches.

8. Wavy Ombre Hair With Highlights

The wig is made with 10 A Grade Natural Human Hair and 13*4 Swiss Lace . Texture of the hair is a Loose Deep Wave with  alluring P4/27 Ombre Highlights. The volume of the wig is about 150% to 180%. The lengths of hair available are 10 inches to 26 inches.

9. Straight Ginger Orange Hair

This High-Definition wig is made from 100%  unprocessed natural Human Hair. It features a voluminous hair with a density of 180%, Ginger color, and Straight Texture. The range of Hair Length offered is from 12 inches to 30 inches. The 13*4 Lace Net used is a ginger shade and comes with pre-plucked baby hair for a Natural Hairline.


Wigs not only boost self-confidence but are a more secure option for experimenting with hairstyles and colors without damaging the original hair. The above list comprises a variety of Hair wigs each with a unique style, color and length. All products are designed with a modest price without any compromise in the quality of materials used.

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