UWELL is the name of professionalism, authenticity, reliability, and perfection. UWELL displays a variety of products and series and thus offers some out-of-ordinary products.

The Caliburn series is the one welcomed and liked the most so far. There are many reasons behind this fondness for the Caliburn series, one of which is the number of products available.

Caliburn is the series offering you a variety of sub-series that have a plethora of products compared to the other series by the same company. This article is for you if you are looking for wholesale vape dealers.

Learn more about the Caliburn series and the top three picks.

What is Caliburn Pod System?

Caliburn is a pod system by UWELL that offers brilliant products for vapers. Showcasing an extensive range, the Caliburn series is a must to try. To make it simpler for you, here are the top three series from Caliburn. So, let’s discuss them in detail.

3 Caliburn Vape Pod System Series


The Caliburn A series features four products named A2, A2S, and A3, AK2. All these products are par excellence with impeccable features.

  • Caliburn A2 is known as one of the essential vape pods produced by UWELL. Masses have flocked to it because of its outstanding grip and sleek appearance.
  • Caliburn A2S is a great deal of style. The flicker, while you inhale, portrays you like a star. The meshed coil and side refilling cartridge are enough to take care of a great vaping session for you.
  • Caliburn A3 has been technically upgraded, focusing on its ignition system, charging status, and drip control. Laced with an excellent ignition system, A3 is equipped with 2A fast charging and effective battery utilization.


The Caliburn G series is great, featuring G, G2, and GK2. This high-end product line has been designed after a whole year of improvement and consideration since UWELL believes in quality and refinement.

  • Caliburn G2 is the dazzling star of the series. With astounding features like progressive air-flow technology, e-liquid window, and compatible coils, Caliburn G2 is an excellent make.
  • Caliburn GK2 is the advanced and upgraded version of Caliburn KOKO PRIME. Its striking and dazzling light display is all that you would desire on a friends’ night out. The technical incorporation of intelligent mesh and the precise-air flow technology makes it THE BEST!


The Caliburn X series features the upmarket product Caliburn X vape pod. Laced with unique features, Caliburn X is a product to meet your expectations. Since Calliburn believes in incorporating top-notch technologies, it is therefore equipped with advanced air-flow technology. Two draw ways add diversity to the pod. The brilliantly compact body and OLED screen spice up the overall look of this tiny but impactful vape pod.


UWELL isn’t restricted to these few products but yes! You may call them the top picks.

We have picked them based on their features, performance, and overall look. The sub-series of CALIBURN is worth-buying. These high-end products are reliable, economical, and have a great shelf life.

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