This book is very sweet and unique, and it likes by everyone due to its sweet romance and character presentation. The writing and character description are top-notch, and you will find it one of the best stories you have ever read. Sexy nerd is a love story of Ashley and Uno, who is a nerd among other boys, and Ashley wants to get his love. She was one of the hottest girls in her town, but the gazing Uno made her nervous. Her heart beats fast when she sees Uno and expresses her love to him. His eyes are so deep, and it looks like he is scanning the full body of Ashley. She becomes blushes like a teenager and an innocent girl.

What makes my sexy nerd roommate a good choice for readers?

This book’s sweet and romantic scenes are so amazing, and you will never feel lonely while reading this beautiful romantic piece. It is written by Sakura’s diamonds, who has also written some of the best books liked by many people. Such as Seducing his hot best friend, Cinderella falling for her bully, and The Ocean’s Gold. Most of his work is for 18+ people as he writes full of hot and lovely romance that intoxicates people to love. This book can suit every mood of readers and spell them bound in his characters. The plot of my sexy nerd roommate is romantic, engaging, and charming. So readers feel so happy while reading this lovely romantic story of beautiful people.

Ashley spends most of her weekend with her friends, drinking and wasting her time, which is not liked by her mother-Lilly, who wants to throw her out of the house her father brought for her. But she did not care for anyone and did not listen to anyone. Her mother did not like her dress and lifestyle but did not care, which made her angry.

The story starts when she has become angry with Mr. Smith, who is giving her apartment to someone else and telling her to share her room with Uno. she shouts at him because she has paid him money to book her room and asks how he can give her space to someone without taking her permission, but the requested to her, and she agrees to do it. He ensures her that Uno is a very simple and lovely boy and that he will not create any problems for her. When she reached her room, she found it neat and clean, just some books lying on the table, but there was no mess. It makes her somewhat satisfied. Although in the fridge, she found leftover food, making her a little uneasy. It is a beautiful story; you must read this book while you are lonely. Of course, it will be a good partner in your spare time and provide you with much satisfaction and a happy feeling of a good romance.

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