One of the biggest frustrations in FIFA Ultimate Team is that it takes a long time to earn coins. But if you know what you’re doing, it can be possible to make coins quickly and efficiently. I’ve got a few tips and tricks that will help get you started on your way to making lots of banks!

Snipe high-value players

Sniping is a technique that involves bidding on players at the last second. It can be risky because you might not get the player you want, but it also allows for some great deals. The basic idea behind sniping is that you wait until the last second to bid on an item, which will end up costing you less than if you had bid earlier in the auction. Get fut coins here.

This works because other people who are competing with you may have missed out on an item because they didn’t see it or forgot about it before they could place their bids. You can use this strategy to get some pretty cheap and free players!

Complete objectives

Completing objectives is the easiest way to earn coins in FIFA 19. You can earn rewards like packs, SBCs, or player items by completing certain tasks.

In order to complete objectives and receive your rewards, you’ll have to first enter the ‘Objectives’ section of the FUT 19 menu. Once there, you’ll see a list of all your current objectives (if any), as well as their reward values if completed successfully.

Play weekend league

The weekend league is a great way to make coins in FIFA 19. However, it can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. For example, if your team loses the first game on Monday, then the rest of your matches that week will be canceled.

Trade on the market

If you want to make coins fast, the best way is by trading on the market. The key is to buy low and sell high, which is easier said than done. It requires a lot of research, but it pays off in the long run.

We recommend that you look for players who are highly rated by EA SPORTS and also have a high potential for growth (this can be seen in their attributes). These players will almost always increase in value over time because they have an increased likelihood of becoming popular on FUT after being released into packs or transferred into another club’s squad as part of an exchange deal.

The other option is to purchase players with high market values and sell them later when their value increases even further due to increased demand for them on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

Sell draft tokens for a profit

The next step is to sell your draft tokens for a profit. You can do this by trading on the auction house, or you can use one of the new FIFA 19 Ultimate Team trading bots. As with all forms of investment, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before making any investments.

Selling draft tokens for profit does have some risks involved with it. The very first risk is that you won’t be able to sell them at all! If no one buys your drafts, then they are essentially worthless and will not result in any profits at all – so be sure that there’s actually demand when buying and selling these items!

Another risk is related to the price of packs on offer: if EA increases pack prices too quickly after launch day then they’ll effectively nullify any profits made through selling draft tokens since people will only be willing to pay so much money per pack rather than purchasing more expensive products like full transfer market packages etcetera.


There’s no denying that the FIFA Ultimate Team market is a volatile one, but if you follow the tips we’ve outlined here, you’ll be able to make coins quickly and reliably. If this post has given you some ideas or helped with your understanding of how trading works in FIFA 18, let us know!

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