In recent years sweatpants have been the hottest trend in athletic wear. Nowadays, people are wearing sweatpants to work on casual Fridays. Sweatpants can be seen in the streets, gyms, and offices.

When shopping for bulk sweatpants, you must know the difference between sweatpants and joggers. At first glance, it’s easy to mistake sweatpants for joggers because they are similar.

Despite the similarities, each one offers its unique features. So, why do we need to compare these two? Are joggers and sweatpants the same?

This guide will examine the differences and how to pull off each style when wearing joggers or sweatpants.

Differences between sweatpants and joggers

What are joggers?

Joggers are athletic pants designed to cool you because of the breathable material used in making them. They are usually stylish, more fashion-forward, lightweight, flexible, and multipurpose. They are mostly used for running but can also be worn for a casual night out.

Some of the features a jogger has are:

  • A cotton/polyester blend fabric
  • Elasticized or cuffed ankles
  • A tapered cut/fit with relaxed hips
  • Full leg length
  • Front pockets

Joggers are tailored to compliment your body’s shape and are designed to handle difficult physical activity because they are breathable and lighter than sweatpants.

What are sweatpants?

Sweatpants are designed for cold weather. They tend to be heavier, loose-fitting, comfortable, and sweat-inducing, encouraging heat retention.

They are more functional and commonly used as pajamas because they are comfortable for sleeping.

Features of a sweatpant are:

  • A drawstring waist
  • Made of thicker cotton/polyester blend or fleece
  • Flared or bootcut fit
  • Full or Capri leg length

Styling jogger tips for women

For women looking to wear joggers more fashionably, always aim for fitting joggers over baggy ones. This is because joggers are designed to take the shape of your body. A tailored pair will also provide you with more options.

You can also go casual. Joggers blend well with other casual clothes.

Styling jogger tips for men

Joggers made with cuffed elastic ankles add a sleek look in men that can complement nicer or any casual tops. If you want a cool casual streetwear look, throw a hoodie over your t-shirt.

Consider pairing your jogger with a stylish jacket if you prefer a smart-casual look.

Styling sweatpants tips for women

If you’re aiming for a chic and fashionable look, go for fitting sweatpants. You can pair them with a stylish jacket like a leather jacket, blazer, or trenchcoat to get that athleisure look.

Wear your sweatpants with a nice pair of heels or boots to add some class to your outfit.


Joggers and sweatpants have many similarities but are different in their own ways. Both will look great styled with hoodies, heels, jackets, and tops. They now come with various prints and patterns that make them easy to match with any outfit.

If you are that sweatpant lover, do your research online and get several outfits that match your taste. But remember, the material quality will determine how long-lasting and comfortable your outfit will be.

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